Close is a new business consultancy which offers a different approach for your business needs.

What’s that – another Consultancy? Great, just what the world needs and we’d agree but here at DCS.Works we like to offer something a little different; a new approach to how you can develop your business. Whether you are looking to generate new revenue opportunities, refresh your existing business focus, develop new partnerships or introduce new marketing and communications strategies – we can help by offering effective, affordable, creative solutions.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

From one off campaigns to long term strategies – we offer creative and effective ideas and solutions
Logos, stationary, leaflets, posters, banners and publications – it’s all in a day’s work
Let us introduce you to 2 billion internet users with a website that really works for your organisation
There are 1.5billion smart phone and tablet users in the world and over 46million apps are downloaded each day – we can help you engage with this growing market
Promote your organisation or event with effective Public Relations. Whether it’s a one off press release or long term campaign – we work with the best in the business to help you manage your message
Fundraising & Sponsorship
One of our favourite services – we like coming up with exciting ideas to engage others with your organisation or event. Some call it fundraising or sponsorship – we think of it as developing partnerships.
Business Focus
Can’t see the wood for the trees sometimes? Feel that you’re going two steps back to go one forward or you’re at a standstill? We can work with you to find your focus.
Strategic Planning
Can you respond to change? Do you know where your organisation will be in one, three or five years? Do you want to move forward but feel there are times when you simply don’t have the time or resources? Let us help you plan your future.
Bid Writing
Do you have a great idea that needs funding but don’t know who to pitch to or shrink when you see all the forms? We can help you write winning bids.

So what makes us different?

For a start we won’t take you out for fancy lunches to tell you how great you are and then hide the cost in the invoice. You’re not paying for a plush office with table football games and quirky seating arrangements (doesn’t that annoy you?) or surprise you with outrageous expenses. We won’t brag about the parties we’ve been seen at; boast about the awards we’ve won that nobody has really heard of or tell you about who we ‘sort of’ know but don’t really.

What we will do is listen and work with you. We’ll be honest and upfront. We’ll fix, innovate, do and deliver. If we can’t help you then we’ll tell you, but if we can, we will.

We’ve a team of talented individuals and organisations who work with us to make sure we can service your business needs.

It’s that simple.

Why choose us? Because

£'s raised for clients in sponsorship & fundraising
Happy clients & projects delivered on time with great results
flat tyres since we opened for business... grrr!

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